2016 Meeting Minutes

Saturday 11/19/2016 3pm Monday 9/19/2016 6pm Saturday 6/11/16, 1pm Saturday 1/23/16, 1pm

2016 Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries Board Meeting Minutes Saturday 11/19/2016 3pm

Valley Library, Conference Room
In Attendance : Jonas Lamb, Robert Barr, Brandy Scott, Nancy Barr, Carol Race, Sheryl Wittig, Richard Radford, Barbara Berg
Community Members in Attendance :
Elizabeth (Liz) Allen, Esther Millea, Debbie Fagnant, Barbara Pavitt, Paula Johnson, Betsy Brenneman
Called to Order: 3:05

  1. Modify and Adopt Agenda- Approved
    A. ApprovalofMinutesfromthe2015AnnualMeeting:Secretary,BrandyScott. Approved.
  2. Reports A. 2016LibraryHighlights:LibraryDirector,RobertBarr
    1. The project, which cost about $14 million dollars, only $7 million came from city sales tax.
    2. Over 78,000 people have visited this location (over twice the Juneau population). There have been over 8,700 uses of the study rooms and spaces, and 113,000 items have been circulated to the public.
    3. Robert shared a report from the TMAS Door Traffic Report, the patron-counting device. It shows a spike in attendance when middle school and high school are dismissed on Monday through Friday.
    4. American Institute of Architects awarded the library with the Honor Award.

5. The library celebrated their third year of hosting local Candidate Debates in conjunction with other local partners.

  1. Preliminary2016FinancialReport:President,JonasLamb
    1. Shared Annual Profit and Loss Report for January through September. Total investment income is at $9,900. We had budgeted $17,000. When the board was seeking to change investment companies, we budgeted for a higher return on investment, but with the recent turnover there was not a change in investment strategy, therefore, the discrepancy in budgeted and actual investment income.
    2. Donations have been high, and people have been donating money as they buy books through asking the bookstore to “keep the change”.
    3. We would like to begin a newsletter to be sent to members in the future.
    4. We spend $5,000 a year to support the Imagination Library program along with AEYC. AEYC, after budget cuts, doesn’t have the staffing to help with monthly family nights, but they have been helping with quarterly family nights at the Valley Library. They used to help with encouraging families to apply for library cards, and this work would be valuable to pick up again.
    5. We will end the year slightly below our targeted revenue. The 2017 budget has some expected increases accounted for. The amount we pay for bookkeeping may increase, Elliott Financial Fees may increase.
  2. ReportofthePublicLibraryEndowmentFund:(BarbaraBerg)TheEndowment Board has not met. They are coordinating with the City’s Investment Officers to set a date. She will be prepared to report after their next meeting, which will take place before the end of the year.The endowment board supplies things like furnishing and books. After funding $300,000 for the new library, the board discussed taking a break from pulling funds and allowing the initial corpus to grow.
  3. CommitteeReports:

1. Bookstore, Debbie Fagnant: Committee has been re-instituted. A survey

was distributed to gauge efficiency and job satisfaction and some changes were made. The bookstore still needs someone to help with changing lightbulbs. In the Children’s Section, there is still some

discrepancy over who is eligible for free books. Head Start, Reading on the Fly, and library programs in neighboring villages have all been requesting books from the Amazing Bookstore. The board should set up a policy that is comprehensive and easy for desk volunteers to follow. There is a pull between a “business” model and a “literacy support” model.

  1. a)  Suggestion: Set a number of gifts per year. Say we can supply 20 gifts per year, and that’s it.
  2. b)  Suggestion: Can we supply a discount to other community members?
  3. c)  Carol volunteered to sit down with the bookstore to develop a policy for who can receive free books.
  1. Membership: Richard Radford, He and Barbara Berg pulled together old databases and files and attempted to update the document with names of people who are still living in Juneau. They put it in an Excel format and are willing to change it to a Google Doc. Could the $300 membership mailing budget be used to fund an e-mail program to send a yearly newsletter to current members? There are 237 people on the most current membership list.
  2. Action: Richard will look into distribution methods for current members, and possible methods of attracting new members.

a) Potential: When people sign up for a library card, they are given a flyer with information about the Friends of the Juneau Public Library.

E. By-LawChanges:Secretary,BrandyScott.

  1. The Annual Meeting will take place between September 15 and November 15. The Board will meet again on the first Thursday of the month in February, May, and September.
  2. Brandy will update the bylaws to reflect these changes.

III. New Business
A. Solicitationandapprovalofobjectivesforcomingyear

1. Developing a budget for yearly volunteer recognition. Bookstore volunteers (and Board Members) could be recognized at an event. An evening event could be held at the Library in the evening and a buffet

dinner could be served. There could also be drawings for gift cards for

Bookstore volunteers.

  1. Establish a policy for giving free materials to community members beyond teachers at the Juneau School District.
  2. Membership Committee will devise a plan for determining current membership, communicating effectively with them, and recruiting new membership.

B. ApprovalofPreliminary2017Budget:JonasLambandRobertBarr

  1. Report was shared. With $1,000 budgeted for advertising, could we put ads in the Juneau Empire about the Amazing Bookstore.
  2. We need preliminary approval for the budget. Jonas will collaborate with Ceann to finalize the preliminary budget. Motioned and approved.

C. ElectionofBoardMembers

  1. Lori Klein, John Blanchard, Sheryl Wittig are all vacating their positions on the Board of the Friends of the Juneau Public Library.
  2. Motion: Elect Brandy Scott, Richard Radford, Nancy Barr, and Scott Macaulay to the board. Approved.

D. AdditionalCommentsbyMembersorBoard

IV. Adjourned at 4:45 pm

Monday 9/19/2016 6pm

Valley Library Study Room A

In Attendance: Sheryl Wittig, Shari Kitchen, Heidi Girton, Jonas Lamb, Carol Race, Brandy Scott

Call to Order: 6:03 I.Adopt agenda II.Reports

A. Minutes of June 2016 meeting: Approved, and Seconded.
B. Bookstore update: Library weeds going to the Bookstore, what should be sent and what shouldn’t? Gastineau Human Services has cancelled several times, so the

Bookstore isn’t receiving the library weeds. Bookstore employees have talked to Library Employees about cutting down on the donations. The bookstore can no longer accept hardcover adult fiction, or children’s hardcover nonfiction. Max, Robert, and Nancy Barr are in communication about library weeds. The bookstore committee will update the donation acceptance policy and Jonas can update the website.

C. We are currently renting a storage unit off-site for $250 a month. The courier service is $90 a month. Bookstore wants to know if we can re-allocate funds and move to a storage space in the mall that has come available with some businesses moving out of the mall. There will be a thrift shipment in October, so that would be a good time to move.

Motion: Heidi will talk with the owner about renting the storage space in the mall. The board approves.

D. General library update: Shari Kitchen. Summer reading program finished strong. High school students updated library cards and they’re seeing a lot of use. School board candidate debates are taking place in the library. Robert will update us on the budget at the next meeting.

E. Treasurer’s Update: (Jonas) The bookstore has had some strong income. The donations have climbed tremendously since the publicity of the FoJPL funding of the new library. We can appoint someone to fill the treasurer position. They need to be able to do monthly reconciliation, reimbursements to library staff, and manage recurring payments as well as presenting an annual presentation on the budget.
III. Old Business

A. Memorial Bench for Donna Denton. Robert needs language from the board for what we want the bench to say, and then he will order the plaque. Jonas will find the proclamation and relay it to Barbara Berg and share it with the bookstore committee. The Friends can pay for the plaque.

B. Other volunteer recognition: At Annual Meeting- Earmark a specific amount of the budget for the year specifically for volunteer appreciation.

IV. New Business

A. Set date for Annual Membership meeting and identify board seats up for election. Do we need a nominating committee.

i. Jonas believes we took a second reading of a bylaw revision at the first meeting following the annual meeting (Nov 2016) in which we elected officers to require annual meeting occur between mid-September and mid-October. (bylaws)

ii. Proposed dates, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12, 11/19
*Sheryl (member at-large), Brandy (secretary), and Richard (membership committee

coordinator) have served their 2 year terms.
*Board members up for re-election should provide a short paragraph for the slate during the Annual Meeting. Quarterly Meeting Dates: November (Annual Meeting), February, May, September. Shooting for a predictable day of the week: First Thursday of the Month.

Proposed Motion: Schedule Meetings regularly for November, February, May, and September with the Annual Meeting at 3 pm on a Saturday in November and the remaining meetings at 6 pm on the first Thursday of the month.
Approved by the Board.

Date Set for Annual Meeting: Saturday, November 19 from 3-5pm in the large room at Valley Library.

B. Discussion of Kay Diebels recognition. Longtime community library advocate and Juneau public servant. Role in first Valley Library at Floyd Dryden. The board favors naming spaces in exchange for monetary donations.Friends of the JPL is not in a position to offer naming rights now that the facility is built. The board discussed other recognition options and Jonas will contact Liza Diebels Paramore about AKLA Scholarship Funds or Community Foundation or a Book Plate.

V. Adjourn: 7:07
Tabled for next meeting- Juneau School District “Teacher Letter” (discuss via e-mail)

Saturday 6/11/16, 1pm

Valley Library Conference Room
In attendance: Robert Barr, Lori Klein, Brandy Scott, Heidi Girton, Barbara Berg, Carol Race, Jonas Lamb, Sheryl Wittig
Call to Order: 1:07pm

Action Items:

  1. Jonas will update and give a treasurer’s report at our next meeting.
  2. Director’s Updates (Robert) A. Notable Programs:
    1. How to Run for City Office Program: 1⁄2 day workshop and panel discussions.
    2. Hosting Candidate Debates with Juneau Empire & KTOO
    3. Summer Reading Programs for kids and adults with t-shirts and bags for sale.
    4. 2nd Annual LEAP in partnership with JSD to get TItle I students to library during the summer. Serves 80-90 students who are in library every Tuesday for 4 hours.
    5. Author Talks: Aidan Key (in conjunction with Science on the Screen Grant), Brendan Jones, Jamie Ford.
  1. Lego League, Board Game Nights, Family Nights are ongoing. A Coding Club is in the works.
  2. Booths at the Comic Con, Maritime Fest, Youth Summer Fun, UAS Community Day, etc.
  1. City Budget was recently approved, remains flat 2016 to 2017.
  2. The downtown library updated all the furniture and switched out computers for public use. Computers need to be updated.
  3. Lynda.com is the new database about technology learning with modules.

III. Bookstore Update:

  1. Books have been moved from storage. Staff is working to fit them in or send to thrift, as needed.
  2. The bookstore is always in need of Xerox boxes and Bankers boxes with lids.
  3. The bookstore will be in need of replacement of all light bulbs soon and they are in search of a volunteer who is willing to climb a ladder and replace them. Jonas will check the bulbs, look for an LED option, and follow up with the bookstore.
  4. We discussed the Public Library Gift Receipt form and it will updated with Friends of the PL logo, Tax ID number, “Donation Receipt” “to the Friends” (not the city). **Brandy will look at and update**
  5. Discussed the benefit of books for Juneau School District Employees. The letter to JSD employees and/or School Identification should be shown to bookstore volunteers.
  1. Carol moves that we share the official letter with Linda Torgeson.
  2. The board will discuss via e-mail how to better disseminate information regarding the benefit for teachers, maintaining the requirement that teachers show either a school ID or the official Friends Letter.
  1. Treasurer Vacancy
    1. Jonas and Robert will continue filling in as interim treasurer, working closely with the bookkeeper, Ceann Murphy.
    2. All board members should reach out to potential treasurers to be elected in September.
    3. There is a Vice President vacancy. Lori is stepping down as VP, but will remain on the board.
  2. UAS Campus Kickoff- Board unanimously approved the motion to pay $70 to have a table and our FoJPL Logo on the back of their T-Shirts.
  3. Barbara: ongoing records retention plan- online won’t work. We need to find storage space and continue with Barbara’s plan.
    1. The Board can form a sub-committee to discuss and follow through with the plan.
    2. What are the minimum requirements for non-profit organizations?
  4. Adjourn: 2:08

Saturday 1/23/16, 1pm

Valley Library Conference Room
In attendance: John Blanchard, Barbara Berg, Sheryl Wittig, Robert Barr, Brandy Scott, Jonas Lamb, Scott Macaulay
Call to Order: 1:02 pm
I. Adoption of the Agenda
II. Reports:

· Minutes from previous meetings (Brandy)- minutes were shared from the last meeting at which officers were appointed. Unanimously approved by the Board
· Bookstore update (Scott)- Reported $800 on a recent Saturday. Ten to 12 lightbulbs need to be replaced. Bulbs could be purchased and staff reimbursed. Robert & Jonas will share the form with Scott.

Storage & Thrift have been working well. Local sports teams may be seeking fundraising opportunities and could help move thrift to storage.

Dottie Whitehead from the bookstore shared that her mother, Jeanie, has been storing books in a personal storage unit and at

her home in order to price the books. FoJPL will coordinate with Dottie to get a transition going from her personal storage unit to thrift or recycling, one time only.
· Valley Library update (Robert)- City Engineering & Public Work is in the 99th percentile with being on-budget and timeline of completion. Punch List items: downspout drainage problem, air handling unit to be replaced, door alignment, fireplace paneling becomes very hot (potential re-design), bricks are cracking on two sides of the building (possibly normal settling) but there may have to be testing to see if water is seeping in. The unpaved pool lot is set to be paved next year.


General library update (Robert | programming, CBJ budget)

  1. CBJ Budget Projections & Expectations for F.Y. 17 & 18. State funding for the library professional development will likely decrease. Federal money for library mail services will not likely be decreased.
  2. Annual Library Conference in Fairbanks this year, 7 staff members will attend.
  3. New database: lynda.com. Educational video database that focuses on technology topics. 20 licenses are available.

III. Old Business

  1. Programming: Summer reading is approaching. T-shirts are being ordered. If you’d like a t-shirt, send Robert an email with your t-shirt size. National Ambassador for Youth Literature- Gene Yang- trying to get him to Juneau for a visit.
  2. Hosting JSD Battle of the Books and Read Across America

Alaska Air foundation request denied, encouraged to reapply.

· Ameritrade Signature Authority Forms (Brandy, John, Jonas)-

forms will be printed and signed at a later time. IV. New Business

· JDCM request to sell greeting cards @ bookstore (ROBERT, Scott, Heidi) Friends of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum asked if the Amazing Bookstore would sell their greeting cards. The Board determined that the price difference (JDCM cards are $13, the cards they currently sell are 25 cents) would make them an unlikely sell.

  • ·   Bookstore Insurance Policy Review (John)- is up for renewal.
  • ·   Review quote for increasing liability/loss coverage for bookstore inventory.

· Review quote for Directors & Officers Liability Coverage- usually in place for Non-Profit Organizations intended to protect board members in case of a lawsuit. Quote was $1,800 a year. The Board did not want to pursue this coverage.

· Suggestion to pursue coverage to include worker’s comp for bookstore vols- medical only, no salary (volunteers). The quote was $890 a year.

Scott will get a quote from State Farm for a similar policy.

· Discussion and potential resolution to add official signature authority for Robert to the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries account at First Bank for purpose of writing checks/use of debit card/drawing funds from petty cash/checking account.

The Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries Board of DIrectors unanimously designated the additional signature authority to ex-officio member, Library Board Director Robert Barr.
· Donation Request: Read Across America event March 5th at the Valley Library. In the past Friends of the Library has donated approximately 200 books and 100 $1.00 bookstore gift certificates.

Do we want to support at same level again this year? Unanimously approved by the Board.

  • ●  Barbara&andanothervolunteertoarchiveFoJPLfilesatthe Douglas Library
  • ●  EndowmentsInformation-TheEndowmentboardneedsan additional member from the Public. Barbara will serve as a member representing the Friends Board. They meet once yearly. V. Adjourn- 2:34 pm ________________________________ _________________ Brandy D. Scott, Secretary
    Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries Date