2017 Meeting Minutes

2017 FJPL Board Meeting Minutes
11/11/2017 9/14/2017 5/11/2017 2/9/2017
FJPL Annual Membership Meeting
Valley Library Large Meeting Room
In attendance: Board Members- Richard Radford, Barbara Berg, Brandy Scott, Jonas Lamb, Robert Barr, Nancy Barr
Guests- Chris Gray, Hannah Stickel, Kathy Ward Agenda
Approval of tentative agenda
A. Calltoorderat 3:10 ,by JonasLamb
B. ApprovedbyRichardRadford,SecondbyBarbaraBerg 

Approval of minutes from 2016 Annual Meeting [page 2 of packet minutes online ] A. MotiontoapproveminutesbyBarbaraBerg
B. SecondedbyRichardRadford 

A. 2017LibraryHighlights(RobertBarr,LibraryDirector)
Robert displayed vast library catalog partnership with a total collection 
size of about 2 million items in the Alaska Library Consortium. 

Robert shared circulation, library visit, and computer use data for the 

Hourly traffic data was shared which showed the same trend as last year: 
increased traffic in the afterschool hours with the proximity to the three 

Alaska Mail Services provides services to many remote communities that 
are too small to have their own libraries. 

The library held 641 programs with 16,117 people in attendance over the 
course of the year. 

New databases were discussed. Kanopy is an independent film and 
documentary database. All library card holders have access to a digital subscription to the New York Times. Libby is an app that assists with 

checking out and viewing the ebooks and catalog items from the public
B. 2017FJPLHighlights(Jonas)
Volunteer appreciation event was successful and may become an annual tradition. 

Bookstore committee is active once again and this has fostered frequent communication between the board and the bookstore volunteers. 

Handyman, Keith with Three Trees Handyman Services helped work to change lightbulbs and fix some items in the bookstore. 

Management software has been sought out to help keep up with the membership database. 

C. 2017FJPLTreasurer’sReport(Jonas)
The library has seen a 6.5% return on their investments YTD 2017. 

Pertinent information for incoming treasurer is located on the Google 
Drive document titled “Succession Notes.” 

A new line item will need to be added in order to account for the “Fine 
Free” goal for kids who have overdue materials. 

D. PublicLibraryEndowment

  1. They will meet in December and share more in February. E. Committees(membership,bookstore,by-laws,other)
    IV. New Business

    JonasMotionsthatweamendthebylawstoremovethelimitof4at-large board members.
    Seconded by Richard. 

    Advisory Vote- 4 in favor, no opposed. 

    Jonas and Carol have expiring terms 

    a) Carol would like to continue as a board member.
    b) Jonasmotionedthatweadopttheslateasitiswritten.
    c) Barbara seconded the motion.
  2. SLATE: Charity Coleman [not present], Hanna Stickel, Kathy Ward a) The new members accepted their membership. C. ReadingontheFlyLaunch11/15: JoyLyonfromAEYChassharedthisinfo: This Wednesday, November 15, at 11:30 we will have a short launch party at the airport for Reading on the Fly. We will ceremoniously fill the bookshelves and get a photo of representatives from Juneau Friends of the Public Libraries, United Way, AEYC, Alaska Airlines, and the airport. AEYC will bring the preschool and early elementary books, and if Friends volunteers could bring about 100 books to get the two shelves started that would be great. We can check in there about our monthly rotation of checking / restocking.Please let me know if you can make it, and feel free to invite anyone else that might be interested. We will be sending out a short press release and inviting media reps too. D. SolicitationandDiscussionofObjectivesforComingYear Barbara shared that the volunteer recognition in some capacity would be wonderful, even if it wasn’t in the same way. Nancy suggested that we continue on with a potluck-style event, annually. 
 Barbara suggested that the Friends provide more support to the library to work on advertising and marketing. Could we hire a consultant to provide their expertise on marketing/publicity for programming. 
 Richard mentioned that membership management software should be implemented as soon as possible. Clerical help may be needed, but most softwares are user-friendly. 
 Chris asked what the next project would be with the funds in the TD Ameritrade account now that the Valley library has been completed. a)  Barbara mentioned that the stack lighting in the downtown library could be improved to match the lighting in the Valley library. This is in the works. 
 b)  Robert stated that the Douglas Meeting Room needs flooring and technology updates and the downtown library needs new windows which could be funded with Capital Projects funds. 
 c)  Furnishing and technology constantly need updating (Barbara). 
 E. Preliminary2018Budget Reviewed by the board, led by Jonas, to be adopted at the February meeting. 
 Barbara motioned to thank Jonas for his management of the board since Paul’s absence. 
A. MotiontoAdjournbyJonasLamb
B. MotionSecondedbyRichardRadford C. Adjournedat4:50 
 Next Meeting will be February 8th from 6-7 in Valley Library. 
 9/14/2017 FJPL Board Meeting 6-7:30pm Valley Library Conference Room In attendance: Robert Barr, Carol Race, Brandy Scott, Jonas Lamb, Richard Radford, Nancy Barr
Secretary: Brandy Scott
Call to Order: 6:10 Approval of tentative agenda: Approved 
 Approval/discussion of minutes from 5/11/17: Approved 
 New Business: 
A. Discussion of bylaws related to FJPL Gifts to Library funds being donated to other community organizations as part of summer reading program. See Article 8, section 2a. Language in question is likely “direct benefit to JPL.” 
B. Article 8: Finances. Section 2. Disbursement of Funds A. Funds shall be disbursed for the direct benefit of the Juneau Public Libraries in accordance with the approved budget. The summer reading program was structured to directly benefit the library, even with the monetary donations to community organizations, because it was incentivizing use of the public library services and reading. $500-$600 was given to the community organizations at the end of the summer reading program. 
 The Board (Jonas) will respond to the messages forwarded by Heidi raising concern about the funds from summer reading going to other charitable organizations in the community. 
 Modifying the bylaws could make the use of monetary funds more restrictive. As it is worded now, there is flexibility to use 
 funds, “for the direct benefit of the Juneau Public Libraries,” as determined by the board.

    1. Richard will update the PDF to a Word Document. The by
      Laws should be amended to say that the annual meeting, “shall be held between the second week of September through the second week of November on a date set by the Board.”
      C. 2016 990 Update: Jonas has e-mailed it with the Board Member section updated for tax purposes. Board members should review the document and provide Jonas with any feedback needed, and just notification that it has been reviewed.
      D. Annual Meeting needs:
      November 11th, 3-5 pm (Annual Membership + Board 
Elections), large meeting room at the Valley Library. 

      Notification to all membership & media of meeting date and 
slate by 10/28 (two weeks, can we shoot for 10/21 to be safe?) 

      Nomination committee (solicit new board members). 

      Charity needs to be on the slate for official election. We need a 
bio from her.
a) Jonas and Carol will have terms ending in November. 

      Richard will create a Facebook Event for the Annual Meeting. 

      Transition plan for outgoing board/officer seats 

      Ideas for activity/door prizes/food: 
a) Robert said he could set up casual catering or purchase some food for the meeting. 

      Input from board on items for 2018 preliminary budget.
      a)  DonorView will be added to the 2018 preliminary budget 
and membership feedback can be given at the Annual 

      b)  We should add a line item for “Fine Free” initiative to the 
budget. Robert should have a projected amount at the annual meeting. 

      Old Business:
      V .
      A. Membership Management Software- DonorView charges more after 1,000 members total receiving newsletters, etc. All companies charge a percentage. Some companies charge if there are multiple administrators. DonorView is comparable to other sites and is within the average price range for this type of software. If it is purchased, there should be one or more Board members willing to spend time importing the data and providing updates to be sent to members for renewing memberships on a regular basis.
      A. Bookstore
      Juneau Empire notified the Board that Friends of the Juneau Public Library won Reader’s Choice Award of 2nd place: Best Bookstore in Juneau. 

      Bookstore committee meeting notes: They have been meeting monthly and are willing to share their notes with the board via e-mail. 

      Security cameras for store: concerns of loss prevention and safety/security of staff members in the evenings or during closing. The mall doesn’t currently have security or a patrol.
      a)  Lloyd has priced cameras and simple security systems in town out to about $300. 

      b)  If other tenants also have these concerns with security, can they be shared with the management? 

      c)  The Board can write up a letter to be shared with the other tenants of the mall spaces it can be shared with management. 

      c) The management of the bookstore rental space has taken over the electrical bill, but we may still leave it in the budget for now.
      d) Can there be a panic button (silent) that directly calls police for bookstore volunteers? Robert will look into it, because there is a similar system at the Douglas Library.
  3. Light replacement, volunteer or hire out?
a) Home Sweet Home Handyman, (907) 988-4747 b) 3 Trees Handyman, Keith (907) 465-7733
  4. Bathroom sink plumbing work scheduled for Sunday 9/17
  5. Bookstore is preparing for another shipment to thrift. Membership Committee: Richard researched the Membership software and will be meeting with Barbara to gather historical 
membership data. 
 Library (Robert): More information will be shared at the annual meeting and he will e-mail updates to Board Members. 

    1. Past meeting minutes are available on FJPL webpage 

      1. Next Meeting 11/11 3-5 PM 

        Adjourn: 7:30 

        FJPL Board Meeting
Mendenhall Valley Library, Study Room A Minutes
        In attendance: Robert Barr, Charity Coleman, Carol Race, Brandy Scott, Scott Macaulay, Jonas Lamb, Richard Radford, Nancy Barr, Barbara Berg
Secretary: Brandy Scott
Call to Order: 6:00
        Approval of Tentative Agenda: Brandy Approved, Scott Seconded. 

        Approval of minutes from Feb 2017 meeting: Richard Approved, Carol Seconded. 

        New Business
A. DonorView non-profit management software . Jonas received some info and attended a demo for this product. It would cost $1200/year but could allow us to automate and streamline management of our member database, renewal notices, collection of dues and enable us to process mobile payments for memberships at events. http://www.donorview.com/ . It could be integrated with the website for renewal yearly, and it has fundraising capabilities.
  6. Demo: www.donorview.wixsite.com/helpingthekids (valid only through 5/15) The software takes 5% for event ticketing and 3% for donation. Richard will look into other management software options as Membership Chair. Could we partner with the Friends of the City Museum (contact museum through Robert)?
    Fine-Free JPL Child Accounts/JUV items. JPL frequently run into kids not being able to access library materials due to overdue fine that they (or their parents) cannot pay. Robert is considering going fine-free on child accounts and juvenile materials, but would need a way to replace the revenue to do that. If we can rejuvenate memberships, or create a fundraising campaign that might provide part of the funding necessary. It would also be great messaging – “being a member of the Friends enables Juneau youth to have fine-free access to library materials” or something along those lines. It would probably total $7,000- $10,000 to cover children’s fees for a year. This could potentially be a fundraising goal. “Gifts of the Library” usually has funds remaining. 

    DonationrequestfromGoldenNorthSalmonDerby/TerritorialSportsman for 25 $2 Gift Certs ($50 donation) for derby prizes. FJPL name, prize and prize value will be published in event booklet and website. Forward to Bookstore Committee, event is 8/11/16 and donations are needed by 6/15/17 and will require having Gift Certs Printing/signed so please notify Jonas of the committee’s decision by 6/1. 

    IV. Old Business
A. Volunteer Appreciation Event update . We’ve have put down a deposit with V’s
    Cellar Door and confirmed the Sat 6/3 date, food setup will begin at 6:05 to be served by 7.The event will begin at 6:30. We’re three weeks out. 40 volunteers have RSVP’d yes and 27 have given no response. Charity and Jeannie will follow up with phone calls and confirm +1’s. Mark & Barbara are confirmed to play the dulcimer. Paul Beran will come and share opening remarks. Jenna has confirmed to bring book sculptures. She will use a room to showcase her art form. Nancy has been wrapping books for a book selection giveaway.
    V. Reports
A. Libraryupdate on potential reductions under consideration. City Museum and Library Outreach Programming were discussed, but no action was taken to reduce the budgets of either. The community, volunteers, and the Friends of the Library offset the costs of library programming so all the library has to pay for is staff.
  7. National Endowment for the Arts Grant was awarded for the Public Library and UAS. Accepted for a NASA at my Library Grant (partnership with Haines library).
    B. Bookstore:JPLdelivered25boxesofbookstotheFriendsofthePublicLibrary.

Carol will follow up on “Reading on the Fly” initiative at the airport (Debbie has been working on it). Robert suggested we provide literature with access to digital collections. 

The owners took over the electric costs. The AEL&P account was closed, so it remains to be seen if rent goes up or if there are major updates to the building. 

VI. Other
A. Reminder, upcoming Board Meeting dates and links toagendas/minutes are online at http://www.friendsjpl.org/documents/
B. Next Board Meeting is Thursday 9/14 @6pm at the ValleyLibrary (roomtba)
Adjourned: 6:51

FJPL Board Meeting 6-7pm
Mendenhall Valley Library Conference Room Minutes
Secretary: Carol & Jonas
Begin 6:07
In attendance: Nancy Barr, Richard Redford, Robert Barr, Jonas Lamb , visitor Skip Elliott and David Bromley from Elliot Financial Management (EFM)
Approval of Tentative Agenda: Richard moved to approve agenda, Nancy Barr seconded Minutes of last meeting : Last meeting was Annual meeting which doesn’t require approval until the next annual meeting. Board reviewed minutes and recommended edits for clarification.
New Business
I. Budget
A. EOY2016financialsnapshot:

  1. Jonas provided Balance Sheet Dec. 2016, Profit & Loss Budget vs Actual, Jan – Dec. 2016 for discussion. Noted that purposed income on investments will be downward adjusted to $12,000 for FY 17 which is a change from $17,380 in FY 16. 
 Noted that $4,000 in Membership Services line should be instead reported in the “charitable donations” line as it’s support for the Imagination Library/AEYC. 
 B. Approvalof2017budget Richard moved we approve the 2017 budget. Carol seconded. 
 Jonas will send out the 2017 budget via email. 
 C. Reviewof2008InvestmentPolicywbriefpresentationbyEFM Board discussed the recently unearthed Investment Policy. 
 EFM provided 10-year portfolio performance. Discussed history of their 
work with the board in 2008 to create and revise the Investment Policy. We have a major portion of our investments in short term funds. These are more accessible but bring in lower percentages. Do we want to continue this way? What are our new goals now that the Valley library is complete? New Bookstore? Endowment for library programs were mentioned. Jonas suggested forming a committee or working as the entire board to discuss and articulate org goals in short and long term to provide better targets for asset allocation. 
 Jonas and Robert will meet with EFM in the coming months to make small adjustments, move excess cash from First Bank checking to EFM for investment, discuss desire to consolidate funds in order to reduce per-fund expenses. 
 II. Reports
A. Library B. Bookstore

    1. Nancy Barr gave an overview of what’s happening at the Amazing
      Bookstore. The new Juneau Books to Educators Program is going for teachers and educators. The application for those who believe they fit this program but are not on the Juneau School District email list can now apply to receive books. More in a previous report sent by Carol to board. We were thanked for our gifts Volunteer appreciation during the holidays. Books on the Fly collaboration is in the works still. Carol met with representatives from AEYC, the United Way and Louise Miller from the Amazing bookstore on November 29th at the office of AEYC. A brief history of this program was presented: Erin Kirkland of Anchorage began this and Ketchikan is currently coming on board with shelving being constructed and maintained by Alaska Airlines. When the Ketchikan project is finished, Juneau shelving will be constructed. This will happen sometime after the first of the year. We are anticipating the shelving to hold about 40 books and are aiming at picture books and Juvenile fiction books. Louise and the Amazing bookstore children’s staff will be placing
      Old Business
      the books aside and she & I will alternate restocking the shelves, probably about twice a month. Labels will be affixed to the books to indicate our participation as well as AEYC and United Way. More information will be forthcoming once the program is underway. I have requested a clean copy of our logo from Jonas that we can use on the labels.
      Volunteer appreciation/recognition
A. Thanks Carol for Holiday Chocolates
B. Discussion of newspaper ad
C. Discussion of timeline for install and celebrate Donna Denton Plaque
      Plaque for Donna Denton finished and shown. 

      Decided to plan Volunteer appreciation dinner for June 

      Donation Requests for Bookstore Committee Review
      This request was not processed in time to get books for the event, but after communicating with the group, gift certificates were provided (200 @ $1 w expiration date of 12/31/2017)
      SEARHC for village health clinic waiting rooms
      This request was approved and books shipped.

Adjourn: 7:20
edited for format Nov 2020