2018 Meeting Minutes

FOJPL Meeting
Thursday, December 20, 2018
5:30 pm
Valley Library Room D
In Attendance: Hannah Stickel, Sandy Harris, Barbara Berg, Carol Race, Richard Radford, Brandy Scott, Robert Barr
Called to order by Richard Radford at 5:33

  1. Modify and Adopt Agenda: Moved to approve by Carol Race. Barbara seconded.
  2. Approval of Minutes from November 11, 2018 Meeting: **Will print, review, and approve at our next meeting.
  3. Old Business
    A. CommitteeReports
    1. Book Store (Sandy Harris)
      1. a)  Bookstore would appreciate a Membership Drive with some information about membership and some outreach and advertisement.
      2. b)  Bookstore employees would like a bulletin board with programming information from the Public Library. Robert will inform Kate to include Sandy on flyer distribution e-mail. She will print them in color and display them on the bulletin board.
      3. c)  Scheduling online is working well for volunteers.
      4. d)  Thrift update: 500 boxes were sent down in October. Appreciations to AML and Worldwide Movers.
    2. Library (Robert Barr)
      1. a)  Mark Whitman is retiring. His party is December 28th, 6pm at the downtown library.
      2. b)  Cruise line litigation is going on and it affects the library because funds from that are used to clean the downtown library and to keep WiFi going in Marine Park. If the money is no longer received, the money for these services will have to come out of the library’s budget ($15-$20,000).
      3. c)  The AK Library Assoc Conference will be in town from February 28-March 3 with 200-300 attendees. There is potential for a display, or selling bookstore merchandise. How could the bookstore interact with the library conference?
      4. d)  Museum Library Services Act passed, which was beneficial for the library and budgeting.
    3. Membership (Richard Radford)

a) Software has been licensed, Carol has volunteered to help

Richard, but would like to have a work session where we have a tutorial on the software and some time to sit down and work on it.

b) Themembershipsoftwaretransferworksessionwillbe February 16th, starting at 12 noon at the Valley Library.

4. Financial

  1. a)  Investment income has been triple what we thought it would be ($15,000, when projected $5,000).
  2. b)  The bookstore will exceed its projected income for the year.
  3. c)  Gifts to the library was underspent. Fees and supplies was on-target.
  4. d)  Used book expenses was on-budget, may be exceeded.

IV. New Business

  1. Objectives/GoalsfortheComingYear
    1. Getting membership information put into software.
    2. Recruiting new members.
    3. Annual support from the FOJPL to the library is critical. The library is seeking to coordinate more author visits in the coming year. The library likes to operate using external grant funding as much as possible.
    4. Capital Improvement Projects focusing on the downtown and Douglas library. Floor and ceilings in Douglas meeting rooms need work and window replacements are needed at the downtown library. The downtown reference and youth services area needs to be updated in order to maximize efficiency.
    5. Making a plan for potential rise in rent at the bookstore.
    6. The bookstore volunteers would appreciate knowing what is purchased and funded using the money raised by the Amazing Bookstore. Louise Miller and Carolyn Spalding make the schedule for the bookstore. They could forward an email stating what has been purchased over the year with Friends funds.
  2. Upcoming30thAnniversaryoftheAmazingBookstore
    1. Could there be an ad in the paper stating how much money has been raised by the Amazing Bookstore in the last 30 years?
    2. What is the history of the Bookstore? (Barbara has this info)
    3. Appreciation to AML and Worldwide Movers.
    4. Bookstore would like to have some type of “sale.”
    5. Movie theater advertising is very expensive. We would be better off doing Facebook or Google Ads.
    6. Cabaret could be dedicated to the bookstore.
  3. BankAccountUpdate:WeauthorizeFirstBanktoremoveJohnLambandJohn Blanchard from accounts 829490 and 1105500206 and add Richard Radford.
    1. Moved by Barbara Berg
    2. Seconded by Sandy Harris
  4. ThankYou’s:AndiHirschthankfortheEngineersExhibit.AmeliaJenkins thanked the Friends for their support of the bookmark contest. Geoff Wyatt at

Glacier Valley School thanked the Friends for allowing teachers to get books

from the bookstores to put in the hands of students.

  1. Upcoming Meetings: Third Thursday of the Month at 5:00 pm A. February21st B. May16th
    C. August15th
    D. November21st
  2. Adjourn: Moved by Brandy Scott, Barbara Berg and Sandy Harris.


FOJPL Annual Meeting
Saturday, October 13, 2018
4:00 pm
Valley Library Conference Room
In attendance: Brandy Scott, Barbara Berg, Richard Radford, Sheryl Wittig, Hannah Stickel, Carol Race, Katherine Grant-Griffin, Nancy Barr, Esther Millea, Robert Barr

Called to order: Richard Radford


  1. Modify and Adopt Agenda- Moved to adopt, Barbara, Seconded by Carol.
  2. Approval of Minutes from 11/11/2017 A. MotionedtoapprovebyBarbara,SecondedbyHannah.
  3. Old Business A. CommitteeReports:

1. Bookstore (Nancy Barr):

a) Donations are steadily coming in. There have been some weeks where profits have reached $4,000. They are using a Google Calendar for volunteer scheduling. The bookstore desk volunteers have received some guidance from the library on protocols for dealing with live animals and service animals. Payments and relations are smooth with the current landlord of the mall space.

2. Library:

  1. a)  The light fixtures at the Downtown library have been replaced with support from the Friends.
  2. b)  There is an increased focus on electronic resources. Use of print resources remain flat and use of electronic and digital materials have increased by about 5-15%. Libby has increased use and improved functionalities.
  3. c)  Small business resources are available and have been helpful to people in the community.
  1. d)  Outreach to senior centers has increased, and Housing First, along with Johnson Youth Center.
  2. e)  The library has changed its vendor for cataloging services and interlibrary loan from OCLC. The consortium has improved availability of items. Through grant funding at the Anchorage library, interlibrary loan is managed within the state and not with a contracted company. The cataloging is done through the Library of Congress for free.
  3. f)  Fine-Free Update (for youth materials) has made many parents more willing to sign children up to get library cards.
  4. g)  The addition of a piano and a sculpture have been great additions to the library with support and some funding of the friends.

3. Membership:

  1. a)  Barbara and Richard have overseen the membership committee and purchased the Donor View software.
  2. b)  There is a time commitment associated with the data entry and setting up all the automated features of the software.
  3. c)  An updated list of volunteers would be appreciated so they can be entered in the software (Debbie Fagnant can provide this information).
  4. d)  Robert will contact the State Library Intern program in order to find a potential volunteer for entering the data into Donor View.

4. Financial

  1. a)  Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual Report:
    1. (1)  Certain Grants are run through the Friends, including the Great Stories Club, DELL Computer purchase, The Great American Read, Science on the Screen. The money is run through the Friends accounts, but there is no profit or loss associated with these.
    2. (2)  Revenues are on-target for the year.
    3. (3)  The Library should be under budget with expenses for the year.
  2. b)  Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison was shared.

IV. New Business
A. ApprovalofPreliminary2019budget-FinalBoardApprovalinJanuary2019

  1. The budget remains the same as last year.
  2. Do we want to have a potluck again, or budget for catering? Ask the bookstore volunteers.
  3. Should we add a line item for paying an intern or individual to set up Donor View?
  4. Will the cost of Thrift remain stable?
  1. Are there any costs associated with celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Bookstore?
  2. Sheryl approved the budget, seconded by Brandy.
  1. Objectives/GoalsfortheComingYear
    1. Update the bylaws to include more than 4 at-large members and file the amended bylaws with the Department of Administration of nonprofits and ensure the license is renewed.
    2. New windows (and blinds/curtains) for the downtown library and new flooring for the Douglas Library meeting room.
  2. ElectionofNewBoardMembers
    1. Sandy Harris
    2. Barbara moved to elect Sandy Harris to the Friends of the Library Board, Sheryl seconded the motion.
  3. 2019Marksthe30thAnniversaryoftheAmazingBookstore
    1. How can we celebrate and advertise the celebration?
    2. Can we spread the event out over the course of several dates rather than just one day?
    3. Make sure it is a collaborative effort between the bookstore and the board.
  4. UpcomingLargeProjectswithBookstoreProceeds

1. New windows (and blinds/curtains) for the downtown library and new

flooring for the Douglas Library meeting room.
F. Bylaw Committee will meet in order to review the bylaws and update them in

order to

  1. Additional Comments by Members or Board
  2. Adjourn: Motioned by Barbara, seconded by Esther.
  3. Next Meeting, December 13th, 5:30 pm, Valley Library

FOJPL Board Meeting
Thursday, May 4th, 2018
5:30 PM
Valley Library Conference Room
In attendance: Nancy Barr, Robert Barr, Hannah Stickel, Brandy Scott, Carol Race, Barbara Berg, Richard Radford

Secretary: Brandy Scott Call to order: 5:30 pm

I. The board has unanimously elected the following officers: A. President:RichardRadford

B. Secretary:BrandyScott

II. Signature Authority:
A. ThefriendsoftheJuneauPublicLibrariesBoardofDirectorsunanimously

designate the following officers to have signature authority for the financial accounts (First Bank, AmeriTrade) of the Friends of the Juneau Public LIbraries:

1. President

2. Secretary
B. Additionally the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries Board of Directors wish to revoke signature authority for the financial account of the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries for the following outgoing officers:

John F. “Jonas” Lamb

  1. Approval of the Tentative Agenda
    A. Carolmotionedtoapprove,Barbaraseconded.
  2. Approval of minutes from the 2/8/18 Board Meeting
    A. Brandymotionedtoapprove,Hannahseconded.
  3. New Business
    1. BookstoreElectricity:Theboardmovedtoapprovedthechangeoftheelectricity bill from the management of the property to be paid by the bookstore. The bill will come to the library and payment will be managed by Ceann.
      1. Barbara moved to approve
      2. Nancy seconded
    2. InvestmentAccounts:Jonas’snamewasontheinvestmentaccounts,andthere are quarterly reports issued from TD Ameritrade.

1. A motion was made to update signature authority based on the document

used in November, 2015.
a) Carol moved for the Board to change signature authority to

remove Jonas as president and update with president and

2. Clarifying question: What is the role of the treasurer? The president,

treasurer, and vice-president have signature authority on accounts. The treasurer reports to the Board quarterly with summaries of financial reports that come from Ceann.

C. JPLMayStaffMeeting(Bookstorevolunteersattending)
1. Four of the bookstore committee members will be at the May staff

meeting, next Wednesday at 8am.
D. VolunteerAppreciationPotluckPlanning(June16th)

  1. Starting at 6:15. Brainstorm some activities that can be enjoyed by all as an “ice-breaker.”
  2. Bookstore volunteers, library staff, and Board members will all be invited. Paper invites can be distributed at the bookstore. Robert will get the word out to library staff. Folks from AML and Worldwide Movers would be extended an invitation.
  3. Patrick (Library Graphic Design) will design an invitation.
  4. Barbara is willing to play music during the event. We may invite Ceann.
  5. Board will supply beverages (punch)- Barbara Berg will supply.
  6. Paper products- Robert Barr will supply.
  7. Robert can speak to how Friends funding has been used recently.
  8. Barbara is willing to share some facts from a Friends of the Library timeline.
  1. Setting2018BoardMeetingDates(andupdatingwebsites)
    1. August 9th, 5:30 pm
    2. September 22nd, Annual Meeting, 3-5 pm
    3. December 13th, 5:30 pm
  2. Vice President and Membership Officer Positions

1. Barbara will continue to assist Richard with the membership committee. Carol offered to help with membership and other tasks.

G. Board E-mail account Access- Richard asked if anyone else wants access to the info@fojpl e-mail account in order to assist him with going through the account, and keeping it updated.

IV. Old Business

  1. DonorViewMembershipSoftware:Whichtiertobeginwithwasdiscussed.The Board decided to begin with the Basic tier support plan.
  2. MembershipList:Whatshouldbedonewiththeoldmembershiplist?Thereare many names on the membership list for which there is no updated contact information.

1. Richard and Barbara will work together to update the membership lists and start transferring it to the DonorView software.

V. Reports

  1. Bookstore(Nancy):Bookstoreisdoingwell.Some“thankyou”cardswereshared from children who attended a recent library program. The only problem has been having too many books, puzzles, etc. If there is anyone in the community that needs the resources provided by the Amazing Bookstore, the bookstore would like to know and help.
  2. Library:
    1. Beth Weigel is the new museum director, so the position will be filled with a focus on grant-writing.
    2. Programming is going well. Comic-con had good attendance and 160+ books were checked out there.
  1. Hannah is going to be soliciting donations from businesses for the Summer Reading program. She will be working with contacts downtown, but could use some help with contacting businesses in the Valley.
  2. The library started circulating board games, and it has been successful so far.

C. Membership
D. Treasurer:CeannsharedfinancialreportswithRichard.Acopywassharedat

the meeting.

  1. Other: The upcoming year (2019) marks the 30th anniversary of the Amazing Bookstore. A. WhatwillthenextlargeprojectsbewiththeproceedsfromtheBookstore?
  2. Adjournment: Motioned to adjourn 6:42 pm

FOJPL Board Meeting
Thursday, February 8th, 2018
5:30 PM
Valley Library Conference Room
In attendance: Carol Race, Nancy Barr, Robert Barr, Barbara Berg, Hannah Stickel, Brandy Scott, Richard Radford
Secretary: Brandy Scott
Call to order: 5:29 pm


  1. Approval of the Tentative Agenda: Barbara Motioned to approve, Carol seconded
  2. Approval of Minutes from the 9/14/2017 Board Meeting (nb: Annual meeting minutes approved at next annual meeting)
    A. RichardRadfordmovedtoapprove B. Barbaraseconded
    C. MinutesApproved
  3. New Business A. SelectionofOfficers
    1. Brandy Scott- Secretary
    2. Charity Coleman- Treasurer
    3. Richard Radford- President

IV. Old Business

  1. a)  Duties include: preparing the agenda and running the meeting, checking the email, responding to messages.
  2. b)  Barbara motioned to approve the slate
  3. c)  Brandy seconded the motion
  4. d)  All were in favor

A. MembershipManagementSoftware(Richard)-DonorViewwouldrequiresome data entry. It would suit our needs, and it has enough features to suit our needs.

We would need to weed out the membership list, as far as different tiers of membership. There are lifetime members and other levels of membership. Richard will follow up by emailing the company. The company will send an invoice to Friends of the Library for payment. The question of what to do with people whose membership status is unclear was raised.

B. Juvenilefinefreeupdate(Robert)-thelibraryhasforgivenabouthalfoftheyear’s budget that was set aside for “fine free” payments. They have seen an increase in children and families using library items when they otherwise would not have due to fines.

V. Reports

  1. Bookstore(Nancy)-Thebookstoreisdoingwell.Nancysharedsome bookkeeping data for the bookstore. Donations have been great. There are a few new staff members and there are 3 current staff working the donation room. Discarded library materials have been coming gradually, which is helpful for staff (rather than a large number all at once). All storefronts have been active and the issue of safety and/or theft is not as much of a concern.
  2. Library(Robert)
    1. New library website which is mobile-responsive.
    2. Fairbanks (public and UAF) have joined the Alaska Library Catalog and it now covers 92% of the population of the state.
    3. Niche Academy Database- tutorials for how to use other databases, which provides interactive walkthroughs on the library website.
    4. Staff Positions: Museum director is retiring. Seeking a new Alaska Library Network executive director.
  3. Membership(Richard)

1. The management software has been decided, so that should help with tracking and updating membership.

D. Treasurer

  1. Proposed Budget: Library gifts have been reduced, Donor View was added, Fine Free budget was added.
  2. Motion to approve the final budget report and approve the proposed budget: Barbara Berg.

a) Seconded by Carol Race and Nancy Barr.

E. Endowment:TheBoardmetinDecemberandJanuary.Theendowmentwill remain with a conservative split of 50% equities and 50% bonds. There are no major projects coming up. Permanent funds will be used to inflation-proof. The endowment was depleted during construction of the new library, but it was been restored.

VI. Other

A. JEAReadAcrossAmericaRequestforBooks:JuneauEducationAssociation requested 200 children’s books and 100 coupons for the event that will take place March 3rd at JDHS. Margie Beedle and Debbie Fagnant usually gather the books from the children’s section of the bookstore.

  1. Motioned to approve: Barbara Berg
  2. Seconded: Carol Race

B. Nancywillaskbookstorevolunteersiftheywouldliketohaveanothervolunteer

appreciation dinner. Robert will choose a date in June for a volunteer appreciation dinner at the library.

Adjourned: 6:25
Motion to Adjourn- Carol Race
Next Meeting: May 3rd, 5:30, with a possible interim meeting to review Membership