2019 Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 12, 2019
Downtown Library Small Conference Room
In Attendance: Carol Race, Sandy Harris, Patience Frederiksen, Barbara Berg, Susi Gregg
Fowler, Anne Fuller, Robert Barr, Catherine Melville, Lori Brotherton (AEYC)
Called to order by Carol Race at 5:00 pm.
I. Modify and adopt agenda: Motion to approve by PF, second by BB, no objections.
II. Introductions:
Catherine Melville was introduced as the new acting Library Director. She will be
standing in for Robert while he is acting Director of Public Works.
Lori Brotherton, the financial officer from Association for the Education of Young
Children was introduced.
III. Minutes from the quarterly meeting of 8-15-19 were approved by unanimous
consent. Motion by PF, second by BB.
IV. Lori Brotherton expressed interest on the part of AEYC in partnering with FOJPL to
promote literacy programs for young children. AEYC and FOJPL have worked together
on Family Night events at the Juneau Libraries, the Books on the Fly program at the
Juneau Airport, and the Imagination Library. Currently both programs are interested in
reaching out to young children who are in child care facilities. Lori specifically
expressed interest in sharing the cost of an Americorps Volunteer who would work as a
literacy specialist in doing outreach to this group of children. The full cost of a volunteer
is $13,000 per year.
In subsequent discussion, the board expressed interest in the concept of sharing in
the expense of an Americorps Volunteer and will ask Library staff to explore specifics of
how that could work.
V. Election of officers: Current officers will continue their terms. Susi Gregg Fowler will
assume the vacant office of secretary.
VI. Reports

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Saturday, November 16, 2019
3:00 pm
Valley Library Conference Room
In attendance: Carol Race, Sandy Harris, Patience Frederiksen, Barbara Berg, Robert Barr,
Anne Fuller, Susi Gregg Fowler
Called to order by Carol Race at 3:05 pm
– Agenda
I. Modify and adopt agenda- adopted with no objection.
II. Introductions: Anne Fuller and Susi Gregg Fowler expressed interest in joining the
III. Approval of minutes from October 13, 2018: motion to approve by PF, 2nd by SH,
approved by U/C.
IV. Reports
A. 2019 Library Highlights, Robert Barr
1. WiFi access in Marine Park has helped reduce crowding in the downtown
library in the summer.
2. The library budget is holding the line, is relatively flat.
3. While books make up the lion’s share of the library collection, econtent is
growing. The demand for econtent is great, but the cost is high.
4. Visit numbers are flat overall, but a spike in visits occurs at the valley library
at the end of each school day.
5. Programs provided included “Food for Fines”, a planetarium program, care
giver education series, citizen science day, chess club, and summer reading program.
6. Capital improvements include windows replacement downtown and installing
voice over ID phone service.

FOJPL Meeting – Thursday, August 15, 2019 – 5:00 pm

Valley Library Small Conference Room

In Attendance: Robert Barr, Carol Race, Sandy Harris, Brandy Scott, Patience Frederiksen, Barbara Berg, Colleen Evanco (AK Chess)

Call to Order: 5:08

  1. Review, modify, adopt agenda
    1. Sandy motioned to approve the agenda.
    2. Patience seconded the motion to approve the agenda.
  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting, May 16, 2019.
    1. Minutes can be found at: friendsjpl.org / Documents and Meetings
    2. Sandy motioned to approve the agenda.
    3. Patience seconded the motion to approve the agenda.
  3. Introduction of guest Colleen Evanco who will share suggestions for bookmobiles
    1. Colleen shared the idea of a bookmobile to circulate books within the community for people who don’t have access to books, to serve as a mobile library.
    2. It would be modeled after a successful program in Homer where CVLA (?) provided $10,000 for start-up funding. It would be run on a volunteer basis, and there are some people with licensing willing to drive the vehicle. The Friends of the Library in Homer paid for and owns the vehicle.
    3. It is run on the honor system with some loose tracking. The bookmobile travels to schools and does giveaways for children. There are book drives held in schools (bins at schools that teachers donate) and with grant money and donations, they try to keep tiles fresh. Kids in the community (of Haines) voted on the name.
    4. There is already a lot of outreach in the community by library staff. Books are taken to the Senior Center, Glory Hole, the Prison, Little Libraries are filled with books from the Amazing Bookstore.
    5. Areas of need for accessibility include the Housing Authorities in Lemon Creek and Childcare Centers. The bookstore could potentially serve as a supplier, but it would likely work best as a private entity.
  4. Old Business
    1. Webpage update: Hannah and Carol looked through the webpage and turned suggestions in to Robert and he updated www.friendsjpl.org
      1. We own the domain name for www.amazingbookstore.org but it isn’t an active site. We will keep it and it will re-route to the Friends website.
    2. Email address changed : juneauplfriends@gmail.com
  5. New Business
    1. Formation of committee for review of by-laws. Sandy and Robert will look over the by-laws and they will bring the updates to the Annual Meeting.
    2. New member search report- reminder for members to add people to the Board.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Financial Report (Patience)
      1. Financial Committee recommendation for monetary distribution to reflect our goal setting – vote on recommendation.
        1. We will meet with the Investment Manager annually and will request annual reports rather than quarterly reports.
        2. Brandy moved to approve the investment policy. Barbara seconded. Carol called a vote and all were in favor.
        3. The Board will keep 6 months of the amount budgeted for annual expenditures and will move the additional money ($115,000) from checking into Ameritrade.
      2. There was a motion to remove the Lifetime Membership category for the Friends of the Juneau Public Library. When approved, no new lifetime memberships will be created. Sponsorships could be created through sections of the bookstore.
        1. Brandy passed the motion to remove the Lifetime Membership, Sandy seconded the motion. There was a vote. It passed unanimously.
      3. Report from AmeriTrade was shared. From January-June we are on track to meet our annual budget of income. We have spent conservatively so far this year so we are on track to have a surplus.
    2. Donorview Report
      1. Hannah worked on it and sent Carol an update. She took the approved e-mail and sent it as a blind CC email in groups to all the prior members that were in the spreadsheet. The website is getting more hits now.
      2. Robert and Carol will enter past Lifetime Members into DonorView with a coupon code so they aren’t solicited to donate annually.
      3. We should also look into creating tiers of Membership.
      4. There are 22 members current, year-to-date. DonorView does an automatic “Thank You” email and we don’t currently issue any membership cards.
    3. Amazing Bookstore Report- Sandy
      1. There were some electrical issues and the electrician came right away.
      2. There has been a good, steady flow of books.
    4. Library Report- Robert
      1. Controlled Digital Lending
      2. Big Read is coming up, Heart of the Sea. The kickoff is October 4 at the APK.
  7. Change of signature authority
    1. The minutes reflect that signature authority for the Friends of the Juneau Public Library bank accounts should belong to: Robert Barr, Patience Frederiksen, and Carol Race.
  8. Set Annual Meeting date – November 16, 3-5 pm, Saturday.

Current board members activation


Brandy 1-23-16/18 renewal in 2020 Secretary

Barbara 1-23-16/18 renewal in 2020 Endowment Board

Carol 6-11-16/18 President 11-11-19 Renewal in 2020

Sandy 12-20-18 Renewal in 2020 Vice President & Bookstore

Hanna 11-11-17 Renewal in 2019

Patience 2-21-19 Renewal in 2021 Treasurer

Robert Ex-officio

(By-laws: Section 5. Terms Members of The Board shall serve for a term of two years or until their successors are elected or appointed, and may be re-elected. At least three (3) members shall be elected each year.)


FOJPL Meeting – Thursday, May 16, 2019 – 5:00 pm

Valley Library Small Conference Room

In attendance: Robert Barr, Patience Frederiksen, Carol Race, Brandy Scott, Sandy Harris, Hannah Stickel, Barbara Berg


  1. Modify and Adopt Agenda: Sandy motioned to adopt the agenda, Hannah seconded.
  2. Approval of Minutes from Feb 21 board meeting and April 2 meeting with Alexandria Capital: Patience moved to approve, Sandy seconded.
  3. Old Business
    1. Review Meeting with Alexandria Capital
    2. Review of present member terms/dates of office: Check minutes for Board Member terms.
  4. New Business:
    1. Goal Setting- effects on changes to capital allocation: Currently 40% equities, 50% income, 2% cash.
      1. What big things are coming up for the libraries? (Robert) The meeting room and reference areas for the downtown libraries need updating and it would not likely get fully funded by the city. We should also look into the long-term health of the bookstore and be aware that the rent may go up. (Barbara) Could there be an outlet of the Amazing Bookstore within one of the library branches? (Sandy) Should we spend some money on updating the Amazing Bookstore? It would be difficult, and we don’t own the space.
      2. Should we move some cash funds over to a short-term or long-term investment? We should keep 3-4 months’ worth of operating expenses in ready cash, which would be $80,000. The rest could be invested in some way.
      3. Could we move more funds into the Carrigan Endowment and bolster the library’s contribution to that endowment?
    2. Redefine/designate committees
        1. DonorView: The membership needs to be input and there need to be annual email reminders starting to go out. There is a membership list with emails, but not addresses. There is a list of people who purchased bricks with addresses (in Excel). We could use this list as a base and mail information out to all brick purchasers encouraging them to support FoJPL as members.
        2. Barbara will check on the format of all the lists and share them with Patience. Patience will merge the lists, if possible, and send them to Carol. Carol will attempt to input the lists into DonorView and she will update us on the progress. 
        3. Friends of Library Webpage and Newsletter: the FoJPL Website needs some work. We wonder how much traffic it gets. It would likely get more traffic if there was a social media account. Hannah will check the website for needed updates and inform Robert. Robert will make updates to the website via WordPress.
        4. Financial: Carol motioned to create a Finance Committee consisting of Patience, Robert, Carol and Barbara. Robert will set up a meeting date after Patience reaches out to Alexandria Capital for some guiding questions. 
        5. Membership
        6. Bookstore
        7. Library
    3. Reports:
      1. DonorView
      2. Library- Summer Reading Programming is kicking off with a space theme.
        1. Programming on Wills was popular, there was a program on Foraging, and there will be an Escape Room program.
        2. Kids Rock music program family night.
        3. Circulation, registration, and privacy policies have been revamped. Circulation limit has gone up to 75. Children’s privacy has been discussed and it is expected that parents will transition responsibilities to the children when they feel they are ready and it is expected that possession of the library card is consent for items to be checked out on it.
        4. Wi-fi practices for Downtown in the summer- there are only 60 mins of connectivity allowed, rather than unlimited for safety reasons (people using Wi-Fi were blocking the walkways).
        5. Imagination Library has requested $6,000 in funds.
      3. Bookstore- Sandy discussed the Thrift process
        1. 500 boxes are sent twice yearly to a storage unit and taken down to ThriftBooks. She shared a statement from the company with us because it is done on a consignment basis.
      4. Treasurer Report- We are taking in more and spending less than we projected. Net income for the first 3 months is $11,000.
  5. Additional Comments
  6. Adjourn- Barbara motioned to adjourn at 6:12 pm. Brandy seconded.


Next Meeting: August 15th, 5:00 pm, Valley Library


FOJPL Meeting – Tuesday, April 2, 2019 – 5:00 pm

Valley Library Large Conference Room 

In attendance: Skip Elliot, John Redican, Brittany Stover, Jon Ferguson, Sandy Harris, Robert Barr, Brandy Scott, Carol Race, Patience Frederiksen


  1. Introduction
    1. Skip has been managing the money since 2008. There have been changes on the board, and the previous goal was to build the library with the Friends funds. Now that the library has been built, the groups want to know our updated long term goals and strategies for future investment.
    2. Elliot Financial has merged with Alexandria Capital. TD Ameritrade and the SEC require signatures of certain documents (Power of Attorney, etc.).
    3. Letter of Instruction needs to be photocopied on FoJPL Letterhead and Carol needs to sign it.
    4. TD Ameritrade requires a Secretary Certificate with all information, signed and stamped with the FoJPL Seal. This was completed at the meeting with the exception of the Corporate Seal.
  2. Review of the Accounts
    1. 40% Equities
    2. 50% Income
    3. 2% Cash
  3. Review of the Current Economic Market
    1. Jon explained the transformation caused by the leveraged loan market.
  4. Discussion Regarding FoJPL’s Needs
    1. The board still needs to discuss our broader future goals and desires.
    2. The Amazing Bookstore has generated all the funds that we are working with. The Valley Library was built with a majority of FoJPL funds.
    3. John shared that he is willing to help us brainstorm ideas of what we want to do with our funds and future projects and asset allocations.
    4. What are potential projects? That question drives the range of asset allocations. When you have an endowment or account, you should review quarterly with respect to our needs as an organization in order to decide if we have the best asset allocations.
    5. As a Board, we can put a framework in place to guide how the quarterly reviews are carried out. We can have a series of questions that guide the Board through investing. Bylaws can be reviewed and updated to reflect these questions and guidelines.
  5. Other Topics
  6. Conclusion
    1. Bring thoughts and questions to the next meeting.


FOJPL Meeting – Thursday, February 21, 2019 – 5:00 pm

Valley Library Rm. D

In attendance: Sandy Harris, Carol Race, Robert Barr, Patience Frederiksen, Richard Radford, Brandy Scott

Called to Order: Richard Radford 5:06

  1. Modify and Adopt Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes from December 20, 2018
    1. Moved to approve Carol.
    2. Seconded by Sandy.
  3. New Business
    1. Carol moved to invite and adopt Patience as a new board member and the position as Treasurer of the Board.
      1. Seconded by Sandy.
  4. Old Business: Committee Reports
    1. Bookstore: Management was contacted by the bookstore and it was hard to get in touch with someone.
      1. Sandy has a list of about 100 names of people who have been volunteering at the bookstore. She wants to know what information people need to make an online database of volunteers.
      2. The storeroom at the bookstore has improved a lot with a manageable level of books stored in the back. Sales and traffic remain steady throughout a usually slow season.
    2. Library:
      1. AKLA Conference Preparation as it will take place here in Juneau next week, and next year as well.
      2. Programming: Citizen Science: Group studying Alzheimer’s medication use in rats has gathered data that requires human analysis and created a software that has made a game where teams can analyze the data, which will be hosted here at the library.
    3. Membership:
      1. There should be a new membership type created for Bookstore volunteers so that they aren’t prompted to renew membership each year.
      2. How would it stay updated (get purged)? How can members or volunteers
    4. Treasurer:
      1. Profit and Loss: Our budget is basically the same as last year. Electricity has been budgeted at $1,200 but it should be $2,000 based on monthly averages. The telephone has been $552 and should be increased to $684 because there has been a service charge increase.
        1. Carol moved to changed the budget as recommended by Ceann.
        2. Brandy Seconded
  5. New Business:
    1. Board Member Richard Radford Resignation. He is willing to help during the transition, but he wants to transition the access to the Friends gmail account.
      1. Richard moved that Carol assume the position of President and Sandy assume position of Vice President.
      2. Seconded by Patience.
      3. There are now 2 vacancies on the Board.
    2. Brandy Scott: I motion to authorize First Bank to remove Richard Radford from Accounts 829490 and 1105500206 and add Carol Race and Patience Frederiksen to those same accounts.
      1. Patience Frederiksen
      2. All board members were in favor
    3. 2019 Giving Tuesday: The Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They made library card art and sold each library card for $100 and the price included an annual membership to the local Friends organization.
      1. We could post on our webpage and tie it into Donor View. When people buy it, they could print out their proof of purchase and bring that into the library for a special card with a Friends logo on it.
      2. We discussed the membership tiers, as they currently stand. We also discussed how the board can change the price of each membership tier, but can’t change the tiers themselves, because they tiers are outlined in the bylaws.
      3. We will continue to discuss this idea and incentives for Membership drive as it gets closer. We can talk about the potential for a table at the Public Market and marketing the cards and membership drive on Giving Tuesday next year.
  6. Additional Comments by Members or Board
    1. March, the State Library and Museum, is hosting Delores Churchill in honor of Women’s History month and hosting a screening of a special film at the Goldtown Nickelodeon. Carol wanted to know if the FoJPL could contribute to an honorarium for her in conjunction with the organizations who are hosting her presentation in Juneau.
    2. The board thanks Richard Radford for his time as Board President and wish him well in future endeavors.
  7. Adjourn
    1. Brandy Scott motioned to adjourn at 6:05
    2. Seconded by Patience Frederiksen

Next Meeting: May 16th at 5:00 pm at the Valley Library 

To do: Set Date for the next Annual Meeting