minutes Feb 2020 meeting

FOJPL QUARTERLY BOARD MEETING Thursday, February 13, 2020 approved at May meeting

Downtown Library Small Conference Room
In Attendance: Carol Race, Sandy Harris, Patience Frederiksen, Anne Fuller, Susi Gregg Fowler, Catherine Melville, M. J. Grande, Director of Children’s Services

Called to order by Carol Race at 5:04 pm.


  1. Modify and adopt agenda: A “book donation” item was added to New Business.Motion to approve by SH, second by PF, no objection.
  2. Minutes. PF corrected the wording on page 2, Section C of minutes of 12-12-2019, tosubstitute “The Ameritrade change in value” for “The Ameritrade balance.” No objection. Without objection, the minutes from the quarterly meeting of 12-12-2019 were approved by unanimous consent. PF moved, SH seconded.
  3. Reports
    1. Extensive discussion ensued regarding the proposed FOJPL partnership withAEYC to promote literacy programs for young children with a particular emphasis on children and teachers in child care facilities. CM and M.J. Grande offered information and answered questions about how this proposal is shaping up. CM has drafted a tentative agreement for FOJPL’s partial support of an Americorps Early Literacy Coordinator position. M.J. fielded questions about how this might work. While there was overall enthusiasm for the idea, concerns were expressed about how success would be evaluated. M.J. observed that in addition to the direct engagement of the children and teachers with a literacy coordinator, this partnership also encourages child and family engagement with libraries and library resources. AF moved that FOJPL accept the proposal to provide $5000 to AEYC for an Americorps Early Literacy Coordinator as described in the draft agreement, with the understanding that FOJPL receives good statistical as well as anecdotal evaluation from AEYC in addition to library data on program success. SF seconded. Motion passed by U/C.
    2. Donorview/webpage update. Discussion of difficulty using Donorview and support for the idea of exploring other programs such as that used by Friends of the Alaska State Museum and other nonprofits which seem to be more user friendly. Regarding the website, members acknowledged that the information is outdated and the site needs to be overhauled with the expectation that both an improved member database/donor system and a website more easily maintained by a volunteer will facilitate the goal of increased membership in FOJPL. For the website issue, members agreed that contracting with an expert would most effectively move this forward, since efforts to find a volunteer have not been productive. SF moved and PF seconded that FOJPL allocate a maximum of $500 for consulting and website update. CR abstained, and the motion passed without objection.
    3. Vote on Membership Tier. The proposal is that Amazing Bookstore volunteers receive free annual memberships, Student/Senior are $15, Other Individuals are $25, Family is $45, and Patron is $100. Motion passed without objection. SH moved the framework and AF seconded. There was some discussion of pins or stickers as thank you gifts and how best to make them available. 
    4. Treasurer’s Report and 2020 budget vote. PF went over the figures. 2019 income was $184,630.24 with expenses of $111,885.35, for a net income of $73,044.89.SH moved the proposed budget with the addition of $5000 for the AEYC contract, and $500 as maximum for website assistance (per actions taken above, III.1 and III.2). SF seconded and motion was approved by unanimous consent. 
    5. News Article. SF will pursue the news article to encourage awareness and membership in FOJPL after we have an updated website.
    6. AF distributed examples of “Upcycle” decorative items made from old books. She proposes a library-based activity to share ideas (and old books) with others. After discussion about whether this would be a family night activity or a standalone, she agreed that she would do a standalone. She will check her calendar and library calendars to determine a date and will hope to have some help on the activity day.
    7. Bookstore. SH said the bookstore had a slack period—but then Fireweed Place cleared out their library. Things continue to go smoothly, and having World Wide Movers on contract to take recycle has made a big difference. Moved the New Business “Book Donation” item to Bookstore since it’s related. A recently deceased woman has donated her library to the FOJPL. CM will get in touch with the sister (who lives out of town) to get more information on the books in order to help in the decision about how to best facilitate use of this bequest.
    8. Library update. CM reported that Robert will be back in April. April 14 is the date for the new Director of Public Works to arrive at work and CM anticipates Robert will take some time to help in the transition. She said that JPL has successfully transitioned to the new VoiceOver IP Phone system. All the city departments are eventually making this change, but JPL is the first and the hardware for the whole system is housed at the Valley library.

Meeting adjourned at 7:09. Next meeting will be at 5 pm in the downtown library on May 14, 2020.