minutes May 2020 meeting


Thursday, May 14, 2020;   approved at September meeting

I.  Agenda Modify and adopt agenda: CR added Donor View to Reports and AmeriCorps Update to New Business. Motion to approve by SF, second by PF, no objection.

II.  Minutes.  CR noted word “moved” omitted in Item III 1. Motion to approve as amended by PF, second by SH, no objection. SF to send to AF for newsletter.

III.  Reports

Library Report. RB filled the board in on some of CBJ’s coronovirus response, particularly with reference to the library. The library is closed to the public, and most staff was reassigned to different tasks within the library system or redeployed to other departments with some staff taking emergency family leave. Much of RB’s time has been taken up with EOC (Emergency Operation Center), including federal CARES funding, measures to be taken in order to keep CBJ employees and the public safe, applying for grants, planning what it will take to be able to reopen libraries. The plan for library reopening will include reduced numbers of public permitted in order to maintain social distancing, masks, screening employees daily, sneeze guards at circulation desks. There are new circulation and registration protocols with assistance provided to assist those needing assistance. Circulating materials will be quarantined 72 hours on return. Deep and thorough cleaning will be required in each library every week with viral deactivation—a 3-day process—so libraries will be opening with staggered schedules, beginning with Valley library, perhaps Wednesday to Saturday and Downton Sunday to Wednesday with Douglas open Sunday to Wednesday. Again, the “off days” will be for cleaning. SH asked if okay to share that information with the Amazing Bookstore committee and RB said yes.

Putting on his budget hat, RB spoke to the City’s projected revenue shortfall of $34 million over 30 months, mainly due to the cruise ship loss. He said 20% of Juneau’s sales tax is related to tourism and its cascading impacts. With the Cares funding, there is some relief, but there are questions how much flexibility the city may have as far using funds to replacing lost revenue. Corporations and businesses can replace lost revenue but not public entities. Senator Sullivan is sponsoring legislation in hopes of allowing more flexibility. There will be three phases of distribution for the Cares money and all money will need to be encumbered by December 31. 

Regarding Juneau’s budget for the coming fiscal year, RB said that he thinks libraries and museums will be okay in the current budget cycle, although no increase is likely.

Recent Grant Report. RB reported that FOJPL grant application he and BB had submitted to the Alaska Humanities Forum for federal monies to assist with facility income loss due to COVID-19 closures was successful. FOJPL will receive $6700 which will cover one month rent for the Amazing Bookstore. He said City Museum also received a grant.

Book Store Report. SH reported that the Amazing Bookstore closed March 16. They have not been accepting donations and the mall has been locked. Volunteers have taken children’s books to the sites distributing lunches to school children so that kids get books. They have also furnished books to the emergency shelters and Mary Ann Slemmons has been taking books to some of the Little Free Library sites. She discussed the considerations around reopening the store and concerns posed by a volunteer population which includes many who are in the age groups considered most vulnerable. How to structure and protect volunteers and customers, manage cleaning standards, etcetera, are not easy questions.

 Treasurer’s Report. PF reported that the Amazing Bookstore took in roughly $27,000 in January, $18,000 in February, and $2000 in March, prior to closing. Expenses of course continue despite the closure (Actual income and expenditures below.) Both income and expenditures have been decreasing over the first quarter. The grant to cover the rent for one month at $6,659.60 will help when it posts as income.

First quarter figures:

Income: January  $27,369.06; February $18,392.86; March $2,368.51(plus grant for rent)
Expenditures: January $17,929.05; February $10,769.71; and  March $7,158.75

The Alexandria account numbers below show significant drops but the account has begun regaining lost ground.
  Alexandria Account:
       January 1            $636,992.31; 
       February 1           $634,859.94;
       March 1              $621,678.28;
       April 1              $577,691.46;
       April 30             $602,737.44;

PF reports that CeeAnn says we have two operating accounts and one of the accounts has enough funding to cover storage and rent costs for 18 months.

Website. AF reports that the Amazing Bookstore website is now updated to the extent possible given the inability to delete LifeTime membership on DonorView and use of DonorView altogether still needs to be addressed. Members could write short pieces for the website Blog to share information on Board, Library, or Amazing Bookstore news.

DonorView. Board has been discussing difficulties in using DonorView for membership signups, payments and renewals. RB agreed with the Board consensus from our last meeting that DonorView is not set up for small organizations like ours and that it is time to find a more appropriate platform. CR agreed to talk to Sarah Asper-Smith about her experience with Wild Apricot as an alternative membership platform, both for ease of use and affordability.

Newspaper Article Report.  SF suggested postponing contacting the newspaper until the Amazing Bookstore is open again and we have a new platform for memberships. She will contact MaryAnn Slemmons about how she’s been bringing books from the Amazing Bookstore to the Little Free Libraries around town.

IV New Business.

 AmeriCorps. There was a question whether the AmeriCorps volunteer that FOJPL voted to contribute $5000 toward at our February meeting will still be coming to work, in part, with our library children’s program. AF reported that she had just heard a Juneau Afternoon radio show stating that five volunteers are expected in August, so presumably things are going forward.


Meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm. Next meeting will be at 5:00 September 10, 2020. Whether at the library or via Zoom will be determined closer to the time.