minutes Sept 2020 meeting


Thursday, September 10, 2020 Via Zoom  approved at November meeting

In Attendance: Carol Race, Sandy Harris, Patience Frederiksen, Barbara Berg, Anne Fuller, Susi Gregg Fowler, Robert Barr

Called to order by Carol Race at 5:01 pm.

 I. Agenda          SF moved that the agenda be adopted, BB seconded. No objection.

II. Minutes.  Motion to approve minutes of May 14, 2020, by SH, seconded by PF. No objection.

III. Reports

Book Store Report.

             SH gave a general overview of the reopening of the Amazing Bookstore. The procedures set in place are working. There are two volunteers on each shift. A greeter meets people and ten visitors can come in at a time. People line up and this seems to be working. The electronic payment system is in place and is working well. Ceann is okay with it and weekly deposits are being made. Note was made that the Board had given online approval for expenditures for updating safety measures for reopening the bookstore (June 8), for installing and maintaining a Square terminal for electronic payments (June 19). Cost for the electronic payments was $299 for the terminal and for WIFI with ACS is $65 per month with a three-year contract and free installation.

               The recycling continues with Waste Management and there are teenagers helping out. Revenues are steady at about $2000 a week. 

                 Per request from MJ at the library, the bookstore provided books for the adult summer reading program.

                 SH reported that the biggest issue before the bookstore now is plumbing. There are two bathrooms, but one of them is a continuing problem. Robert noted that the lease is up and extension of the lease at the same rate for 5, 7 or 10 years has been offered. SH raised a question about percentage increases per year (whether it would be the 3% per year or CPI as per original lease). BB noted that the current lease expiration was August 31 of this year. Board agreed to table the lease discussion until later in this meeting, including discussion of plumbing issues. 


RB discussed the three grants the library has received for the Amazing Bookstore:

  •                  Humanities Forum grant
  •                  SOA Business Sustainability Grant through JEDC ($11,436)
  •                  CBJ CARES grant ($26,638.40)

Grant money basically covers expenses costs for the Amazing Library at least until the end of December. Members thanked RB for his work on these grants.


Returning to the plumbing issue, PF moved that the Board approve up to $1000 for repairs if the landlord will not agree to take care of this, and if it is over that amount to reconvene via Zoom or on line. SH will discuss again with the property manager to see if the landlord will consider paying for the repair and replacement, and we will see what suggestions the attorney may have about responsibility, among other lease elements. However, Board is committed to plumbing repair whether or not there is participation by the landlord. 

Library Report

  RB reports that things are going well in customer service, utilizing part-time openings and virtual options for programming. He would like to be open more hours. Reallocation of staff is an issue. Surface transmission appears to be less an issue than earlier suspected.

                AF mentioned that the library consortium is trying to fully reopen, having started with Juneau and now including Sitka and Petersburg. Things are moving forward. PF mention that the courier system in Anchorage is part of the problem.

                 RB noted that if Juneau escalates to Covid-1 level 3, then the CBJ library would close again and the library service will go to curbside.

Treasurer’s Report.

PF noted that our Friends’ accounts are healthy, and despite the closure of the Amazing Bookstore, the Bookstore shows a net income of $15,384.45, thanks to the grants.

                 With AmeriCorps volunteers here now, PF will issue a $5000 check for the project and MJ will get her an invoice.

Website. AF reports that they paid Wild Apricot $540 in July. There is agreement that this system will fit Friends’ needs much better. Progress is being made but the donation button is not set up yet on the website. It’s coming. Pat Race is helping with this. PF and BB agreed that this will be much easier to maintain. 

News Article report. SG noted that we have been waiting for a newspaper story about the Friends until the donation button on the website is functional. She did send a small item about our Friends volunteer stocking the Little Libraries to AF who incorporated it into her post on the Friends website.

Endowment BB noted that the FOJPL Endowment person is a CBJ position and she does not to intend to continue with this when her term is up, so the Board needs to come up with someone to take her place. RB will do some vetting of people for the Endowment Board. PF suggested looking through some of the member names on the web page.

Annual Meeting. CR reported that the annual meeting will be November 14, Saturday, from 3-5 via ZOOM and suggested being on the outlook for new members.

Adjourned. Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m. Next regularly scheduled meeting will be the Annual Meeting on November 14, 3-5 pm, via Zoom.

Friends of Juneau Public Library Special Meeting 9/24/2020 Via Zoom

In Attendance: Carol Race, Sandy Harris, Patience Fredericksen, Susi Gregg Fowler, Robert Barr. Called to order by CR at 5:00 p.m.

The special meeting was called to discuss comments from an attorney who had read through the Amazing Bookstore current lease, and to decide which issues the Board wished RB to take up in negotiations with the lessor, noting that dealing with absentee landlords can be difficult. Discussion included safety elements (sprinkler system), extension of Free Books display, lessor/lessee obligations, and modification of language addressing resolution of conflicts. The Board affirmed a desire for a 7 year lease and the hope that the plumbing issue (as to the responsibility for actual worn out fixtures) could be addressed during the negotiations. RB agreed to negotiate on behalf of the Board.

Meeting adjourned at 5:52 p.m.

(NOTE: RB later confirmed successful negotiations, including agreement on most of the plumbing cost-external to the actual lease-, and was providing CR with the lease document for signature)